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Security at our heart

Security is essential to any IT solution, no matter what the application. In recent years social engineering and malware attacks have become the biggest risks. The impact of these breaches has been significant to profits and reputation. We have over 12 years of experience working with government clients who demand the very highest security so are well placed to ensure every solution and delivery is centred around security.

Containers and Kuberenets

Containers (commonly referred to as Docker) present a huge opportunity to the enterprise by offering a radically different application delivery pattern. However without a comprehensive management solution containers can rapidly become an administrative burden, negating many of the benefits the technology affords, this is where Kubernetes steps in.

Kubernetes is the market leading orchestration platform helping solve the scaling issues presented by containerised workloads. Whilst Kubernetes is exceptionally powerful it is also very complex and can leave an organisation exposed to unnecessary risk when not delivered correctly.

We have helped clients realise the full potential of containers and Kubernetes, delivering global strategies, implementing platforms and supporting them through application deliveries. By leading them through the delivery process we have successfully avoided the inherent issues with delivering this complex technology stack and have allowed them to extensively accelerate their development processes.

DevOps and Agile

Market disruption has been one of the biggest drivers of commercial change in recent years. Smaller companies do not carry the burden of many of the incumbent players and are able to react to change far more quickly. Every sector has been impacted by this new challenge with the only way to survive being to respond in kind. This drives the need for an Agile organisation, one which is able to adapt to the changing market and deliver to the customer as quickly and effectively as possible. To support this cultural change DevOps processes and technologies are required.

We have successfully supported major insurance clients as they transition from their legacy waterfall delivery approach and adopt Agile methodologies. This includes the design, delivery and support or the entire end-to-end DevOps solution for global application delivery, in excess of 1,300 application components.

Cloud Adoption

Leading organisations make effective use of the cloud – they use services provided, hosted and supported by third parties to deliver solutions to their clients. Any organisation wishing to remain at the forefront of change must be able to successfully adopt cloud services.

The cloud presents unique opportunities but also significant risks. Whilst the top cloud providers are deemed to be secure, a simple misconfiguration of a storage technology or missing firewall rule in the network can cause irreparable damage.

Our understanding of cloud technologies and how to best adopt them has assisted clients as they make this change, reducing risks and managing costs.

Tailored to meet your needs

The pace of change in the IT sector has never been greater and shows no sign of slowing down. Standing still is not an option, even for the most profitable companies.

Keeping up with this change requires more than just technical knowledge, an understanding of how the latest technology innovations can help an organisation is key. This is made even more apparent when transformation becomes a driver, such as Agile adoption which requires the use of DevOps.

The Cloud is now a major component of any strategy but it’s adoption can be fraught with challenges security, costs and reliability are just a few of these.

At Crossfire Solutions we have experts who have experience in making sure our clients achieve the best possible results when embracing any change. We have assisted some of the worlds largest companies adopt Agile methodologies and DevOps practices. We have experience in defining and delivering global container adoption strategies including Kubernetes and Openshift and we can make sure you receive the benefit of cloud computing without compromise.